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Thanks again to the Timken foundation

The Timken Foundation has a history of providing generous contributions to very worthwhile causes in Lincoln County. The recent announcement that it will contribute $54,000 to Amy’s House is not a surprise, given its history of helping out the most worthwhile organizations. This is the second grant Timken has made to the home for victims of domestic violence. It is not a surprise, but it is a blessing. It’s a sizable grant that means Amy’s House, considered by many a life-saving institution, can embark on a major expansion. Director Vicky Lingerfelt was concerned that the shelter was over capacity. At times she had to refer clients to local motels to insure that they didn’t have to return to violent household. Amy’s House can now expand. Exactly how it will go about that expansion will be up to its board of directors. It could use the money, coupled with another sizable donation from the Heafner Tire golf tournament, to acquire a second property close to its existing location. It may choose to sell its existing shelter and move into a larger home. We hope the additional accommodations can be acquired quickly so no one will face delays when these life-threatening emergencies arise.
It’s not hard to find testimonials from those who have found help and security at Amy’s House. One of its clients gave a tearful thank-you to the organization during a program at the Lincolnton Rotary Club. She found it hard to believe such an organization exists. “They didn’t know me,” she said. “I was a stranger off the streets.”
Not only did Amy’s House take her and her two children off the streets, they helped celebrate a daughter’s birthday and provided assistance in finding a job.
The Timken foundation is a well-known player to the educational and charitable institutions of Lincoln County. This is the same foundation which earlier this year provided a $300,000 grant to the Lincoln Campus of Gaston College, which was seeking a $2 million expansion of its campus with the addition of a new Science and Technology Center.
Lincoln County is miles away from the metropolitan centers where corporate grants give frequently to surrounding educational institutions. It is fortunate to have the The Timken Co. within its borders as a large employer. It is also very fortunate to receive the constant attention of an outstanding civic organization, the Timken Foundation.

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