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North Brook named the Real DEAL

A team of staff members from North Brook Elementary School traveled to Chapel Hill to be honored by Governor Mike Easley.
The school is one of eight in North Carolina to be named a Real Dedicated Educators, Administrators and Learners (DEAL) School.
“To see that success highlighted at the state level is just an honor,” said Denise Patterson, North Brook’s principal.
The award, which was presented by the governor, was a result of a survey that had been handed out to 34,000 teachers and administrators across the state. This survey represented 90 percent of schools and all 115 school systems across the state.
North Brook had 85 percent of their teachers respond to the survey, and they gave their school very high marks, most notably in teacher empowerment, leadership and professional development.
Staff members believe it is the school’s collaborative atmosphere that helps make the teachers so satisfied with their work environment.
“I think a lot of our success is based on the togetherness of the staff,” said Wendy Richard, a kindergarten teacher at North Brook. “We’re kind of all in sync, and there’s a good community base.”
The state survey that determined the award winners is part of the Governor’s Teacher Working Conditions Initiative.
North Brook competed with schools in eight counties to receive the award for their region. It is now considered an example for other schools in the state to follow when it comes to working conditions and student achievement.
Around 300 people from schools across the state also attended the conference in Chapel Hill, and each of the eight schools gave a presentation on what they do to keep staff satisfied and students achieving.
Patterson credits the school’s ability to properly analyze student data as well as the environment created in the school through mutual respect.
“The teachers know they have a voice and whatever they say is important,” said Patterson. “I’m a collaborative leader. I make sure I try to work with all of my staff members.”by Sarah Grano

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