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ELPAC activity ongoing

The East Lincoln Political Action Committee has set dates for many of the candidate interviews they will need to conduct to influence voters before the upcoming election.
The interviews will help the group identify its choices for good and qualified candidates in order to educate voters about them.
At Monday night’s meeting, the group discussed which candidates were still left to be interviewed.
ELPAC has already interviewed Democrat Bradley Neal Duke and his Libertarian opponent Shane Killian, who are running for county commissioner.
Further interviews are scheduled with school board members George Smith, Fred Jarrett, Clifidean F. Bethea, Jim Jones and Tony Jenkins. Tommy Houser declined to be interviewed. The group is waiting for a confirmation from George Dellinger.
All candidate interviews will take place at Safari Miles restaurant on N.C. 16.
The group will also interview the two candidates for N.C. House of Representatives, Democrat Ken Fortenberry and Republican Joe Kiser.
Interviews have also been scheduled with N.C. Senate candidates Democrat Rita W. McElwaine and Republican James Forrester.
ELPAC hopes to finish all the candidate interviews by Oct. 13 and announce their results by Oct. 22.
The group is currently in need of money for fundraising to help pay for advertising in the form of plaques and banners.
“We need to nail it down soon,” said Liz Craig, a member of ELPAC. “If we are going to do it we need to get one formatted, sent out and then hand it out to people.”
They may also use hand signs and hand out pamphlets like they’ve already done for the Republican candidates for county commissioner.
At Monday’s meeting, the group tabled any decision as to whether or not they will sit at the polls and hand out flyers on election day. by Amy Wadsworth

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