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New gym targets west Lincoln

Fitness is now addressed through Lincoln County, from east to west.
It Figures, which opened in July, offers a 30-minute workout circuit focusing on cardio and strength training for men and women.
Owner Debbie Logan said she wanted to provide a fitness center for the west Lincoln area.
“The closest place used to be Lincolnton and Hickory,” Logan said. “A lot of people may work out in the area where they work, but most people would rather go somewhere that is in a five to seven mile radius of where they live.”
Being a west Lincoln resident herself, Logan said she wanted a place to work out as well.
“I wanted to give people a place close by, I know that I don’t have a lot of time,” Logan said. “If people have to drive 30 minutes to go work out they may do it for a while, but in the long run they will not do it.”
Amanda Ellis of Vale just joined the fitness center in order to tone up.
“I want to get ready for summer next year so I wanted to get started now,” Ellis said. “It’s a good hobby for women.”
Wilma Hull, who works at the center, said all of the women that come in are losing inches.
“They love it, they are so dedicated,” Hull said.
Even Hull herself who has started working out has noticed a change mentally and physically.
“It gives you more energy,” she said.
Logan and her daughter, Sally trained for over a week in Tulsa, Okla. in order to become certified to open the center.
Logan’s daughter, who is a student at Appalachian, comes in to help out with the workout routine on Saturday mornings.
She thinks the Saturday workout offers a fun way to start the day.
“It is called a weekend warrior burn where we shake things up,” Logan said. “It offers lower resistance and aerobics.”
Each Saturday they try to do something different to keep things interesting.
“We encourage women to get up on Saturday morning, brush their teeth, put on their tennis shoes and come as you are,” she said. “That way everyone is comfortable and it will give you more energy for the rest of the day.”
The machines that are in the circuit workout can be adjusted from one to 10 suit each person’s needs. Most women complete the circuit anywhere from two to three times in one session in order to get a complete workout.
But Logan said the program is not just for women.
“We wanted a machine that our members would not outgrow,” she said. “Once you reach a certain level you will hit a plateau, but we offer a more challenging workout.”
Every four weeks, the center offers a weigh-in and measure in order to keep track of how much weight and inches women and men are losing.
Logan said the members range from young up to retired.
“The biggest reward for me is when a person comes in who is scared,” she said. “But once they get on the machines the look on their face changes, and they are not afraid anymore. It is a look of hope.”
It Figures is located on N.C. 27, in the West Lincoln Plaza. The center is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., and Tuesday and Thursday from 2 to 9 p.m. There are special hours for co-ed exercising. For more information call 704-276-3095.
by Amy Wadsworth

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