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Ivan revives lake concerns

The flooding that occurred in low-lying areas around Lake Norman after Hurricane Frances has gone back down to its normal level, but problems may arise again with Hurricane Ivan on the way.
“It is kind of scary if you look at the projection,” said Susan Spake, emergency management director for Lincoln County. “It looks very similar to what we just witnessed.”
Duke Power is still concerned with the lake levels, Spake said, and the utility is letting water out at Cowan’s Ford Dam.
All of the debris from the storm has been collected. Items such as logs floated up after the flooding.
Spake said the Peninsula boat access area took the brunt of the debris due to the way the lake curves.
“There was heavy equipment that had to be brought in in order to assist at removing the debris,” Spake said.
Emergency evacuations were also conducted on Thursday evening due to the high water levels. Spake said it was about half and half for people who left their homes.
On Friday afternoon, the high waters were washing the debris on shores.
Carl and Lucille King, who live on Ranger Island Marina Road in Denver, were surveying the damage.
“I have not seen the water this high in seven years,” Carl said.
Although the couple was not directly affected since their house is located on a hill, they said the saw the water so high that it was going up under trailers the day before.
“Other people said they saw logs floating in the water,” Carl said.
Spake said they are hoping that Ivan will not hit as hard as the last storm.
“We are keeping our fingers crossed,” she said.
by Amy Wadsworth

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