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Rebels hope to continue hot play

West Lincoln’s head coach Butch Parker is happy to be 3-0 but there is one area he feels his team needs improvement.
While he’s pleased with the offensive line’s blocking on running plays, he’s not pleased with his team’s blocking on passing plays.

“We need to get better at something. We definitely have to get better at pass protection- that was definitely not a very prominent part of our offense Friday night,” Parker said.
Rebels quarterback Taylor Woodie was 2-for-8 passing against the Yellow Jackets in last Friday’s 25-7 win.
While the coach was not satisfied in passing the football, he was more than satisfied with their running game that netted 271 yards on the night.
“I was very pleased that we were able to run the ball very successfully, so we didn’t have to throw a lot,” Parker said.
Will Tallent did not play due to a sprained ankle but Gene Arp stepped up and rushed for 166 yards in his place at tailback.
“I have all the confidence in the world in Gene, but when you lose a caliber of player of Will you can’t just lose him and not be affected,” Parker said.
Parker does look for Arp to get more carries this week against the Cherryville Ironmen. He also maintains that Tallent will not lose his starting position due to an injury.
“He (Arp) will get more reps this week, but I’m not going to let a two-year starter lose his job to being injured. If he’s at full-strength and he loses it then that’s a different story,” he said.

Entering the season one game that the Rebels felt they had to win was Friday’s contest against the Ironmen. While that is the case, Parker knows it won’t be easy.
“They have a really good tailback who scares me and their team as a whole scares me, because they had Bunker Hill beat and could’ve very easily won that game had it not been for a fourth down and 26,” he said.
“It’s obvious they don’t have a Lastra (Ben) or a Kenneth Harris, but they have other people that can hurt you,” he added.

Having an undefeated is a good thing for a team, but it can also work against them if they lose their focus and get overconfident. That is something Parker is wary of.
“That’s exactly what I’m focused on this week and the coaches are. You don’t want to diminish these kids’ confidence, but we’re not near as good enough football team that when we walk on the field people are just going to roll over,” he said.
Parker feels that now the Rebels have a big target on their back.
“What would make a team more happy in a big rivalry game than to beat us since we are undefeated? With winning comes responsibility and that’s part of winning is learning to deal with those responsibilities,” he said.
The football team won’t be the only team receiving just recognition on Friday as West Lincoln will honor the 11-12 year old West Lincoln Optimist State Championship softball team. by John Mark Brooks

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