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Inclement weather shortens preparation

All extracurricular activities in Lincoln Co. due to tornado watches and warnings were canceled on Tuesday.
While all coaches agree it was best for the safety of the kids, they felt there could have been some alternative practice that was not outside-related.
Rebels’ head coach Butch Parker, like the three other county coaches, believes that losing that extra day of preparation will hurt and could play a pivotal role Friday night. He did, however, agree with the decision rendered on Tuesday.
“I’m like everybody else. I don’t want to endanger any child and I don’t know the details of the forecast. If that’s a county rule then we’ll abide by it,” he said.
Wolves’ head coach Scott Cloninger was caught off guard especially since he gave his team Labor Day off in a way to reward his kids for their 12-0 win Friday over East Lincoln.
“I got a major problem because I gave them yesterday off, so all I want to do is go down to the stadium and watch film. What happens if they call me tomorrow (Wednesday) and say we can’t practice again. Then I’m going into a game against the defending 3A state champions with no practice time,” he said.
Cloninger’s fears were not realized as a call to Lincoln Co. Schools confirmed that extracurricular activities will go on as planned on Wednesday.
Although upset at the circumstance, Cloninger did agree with the decision.
“That’s a decision that our school system makes to look after our student/athletes and ensure their safety and we support that decision.”
Knights’ head coach Lonnie Custer, although he did agree with the decision, feels one of biggest inconveniences is that it interrupts his team’s weekly routine.
“The biggest thing we work on is routine. Teams that are successful do the same things everyday, so now we have to adjust. We didn’t get our normal Tuesday practice in today,” he said.
North Lincoln practiced from 9-11 a.m. on Monday. Custer, aware of weather reports, felt it could have been the only practice of the week for them— a point he tried to get across to his kids.
“One thing I preached to them during practice (on Monday) was that this might be the only practice we have before game time, so we need to make it a good one,” he said.
Mustangs’ head coach Matt Rikard expressed the general consensus among the four head coaches.
“That’s a call from Lincoln Co. Schools. We’re all on the same playing field (with little preparation time), and the first responsibility is the safety of the kids. We needed to practice, but we needed everybody healthy too.”

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