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July county jobless rate fell from June

Lincoln County’s unemployment rate went down for the month of July from a 7.3 in June to a 7.2.
Judi Morton, manager at Lincoln County’s Employment Security Commission said this decrease was a pleasant surprise.
“I guess there are enough people going to work that it offset the recent layoffs that we have had,” Morton said. “Fortunately we didn’t see the rate go up as a result of Fabritex.”
Other factors for the unemployment rate going down include the many jobs that are available.
Morton said several of the larger companies are hiring in Lincoln County such as RSI Home Products, Cochrane Furniture, Timken and Blum.
“There were no other layoffs in August,” Morton said. “So I don’t expect any big change for next month, in fact it could drop.”
Surrounding counties such as Gaston and Cleveland County also experienced a decrease.
Gaston County took a jump down from a 7.1 percent in June to a 6.4 percent in July.
Cleveland County went from a 9.6 percent in June to a 8.8 in July.
Catawba County stayed at the same rate of 7.2 percent.
For the month of July, unemployment rates fell in 83 N.C. counties. The rate was unchanged in six and rose in the rest.
For the fifth consecutive month, Vance County had the state’s highest unemployment rate at 13.1 percent. For the fourth consecutive month, Currituck County had the state’s lowest unemployment rate at 1.2 percent.
The state’s unemployment rate fell half a percentage point for the month of July. It went from 5.5 in June to 5 percent in July.

by Amy Wadsworth

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