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DSS to replace computer system

Officials at the Lincoln County Department of Social Services are anxious to have a new computerized system put in place.
The agency is excited about the new computer system, which will track all DSS clients and minimize redundant paperwork.
After the software is installed, the DSS can download case information from the state.
Case information would remain confidential, and DSS workers will need passwords to use the software. Each person who logs onto the system will have certain rights and restrictions.
The Lincoln County DSS current system of recording information is antiquated.
“We’re still using note cards,” said McCracken. “I have screamed about this for five and a half years.”
The Durham County DSS has offered computer software to the agency free of charge. The unexpected catch, however, is that the Lincoln County DSS now has to contract someone from Durham to upgrade its system.
“We are anxious to get this in place,” said Susan McCracken, director of the Lincoln County DSS. “We have needed this for a long time.”
Money was not originally budgeted to have the software installed, but McCracken believes it can be paid for relatively easily.
The agency first learned of the available software in February when Durham’s DSS offered it to all counties in the state. Lincoln County was the first one to request the software.
“It has not moved ahead as quickly as I had hoped,” said McCracken.by Sarah Grano

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