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West Lincoln junior fights to play

One thing that’s tough to measure in athletes is heart, but Junior Fullback Paul “The Bruiser”’ Chambers has plenty of it.
A couple of weeks ago in a scrimmage, Chambers injured his wrist. Initially, the doctors and coaches feared it was a fractured wrist. Those fears subsided when he had it x-rayed.
The x-rays revealed a chip in the wrist. Although painful, there was no way Chambers was going to miss the season opener against the Fred T. Foard Tigers — a team they have not beaten the last two years.
Toughness has become Chambers’ trademark over the past year and a half.
“It’s pretty tough when he sawed his own cast off because he wasn’t going to let a cast get in his way. That caused us some consternation because we had to get a doctor to release him,” Rebels head coach Butch Parker said.
Parker said himself and the staff had to sweat it out to see if he was going to receive medical clearance. Actually, they didn’t find out until Friday morning that Chambers was going to play.
“My trainer Lorraine Moser and myself, we went through some anxious moments until we got that paper in our hand,” he said.
There was nothing that was going to keep Chambers sidelined. The result? The 6’1” 185 pound bruiser rushed for 98 yards on 10 carries and a touchdown, he had a 12-yard reception.
To further solidify his tough reputation, Chambers also played linebacker in addition to carrying the football.
“He didn’t flinch; it didn’t bother him a lick. Not only that, but he played the whole game at linebacker making tackles which makes it that much more incredible,” said Parker.
Parker gave Chambers an out at halftime, but he wasn’t biting.
“It really was hurting him. At halftime we were making our adjustments, and I saw him over there shaking it and clinching his eyes, but when I made eye contact with him he stopped and looked straight ahead,” said Parker. “When I went over there and asked him if he was OK, he said, ‘Coach I’m fine.’”
The coach expects Chambers to have an impact year. The best part for the Rebels is he’s only a junior.
“That’s why he was brought up as a sophomore. He’s just a big ol’ red-headed boy that’s tough as a pine knot and happens to have a very, very quick first step,” said Parker. “I expect him to have great year because in an option offense, he’s one-third of it.”by John Mark Brooks

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