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BBQ cook brings secret recipe to Denver

Asheville native Gary McClure knew that Denver needed an upscale restaurant with a family atmosphere.
His quest then began to open a restaurant that everyone could enjoy.
Curly’s BBQ in Denver opened in early August and is already off to a rip-roaring start, says McClure.
He brought the barbecue recipe from an Asheville restaurant to the area for everyone to enjoy.
“Little Pigs,” has been open 50 years and has four restaurants in the Asheville area.
Family friends who run the restaurant let McClure in on their secret recipe. He went to train there and learned how to make the barbecue he has grown to love.
“All of the recipes are made from scratch,” he said.
The tomato-based barbecue is cooked each night at Curly’s so by the morning it has been cooking for 12 hours.
McClure offers a sweet vinegar dressing as an option to put on the barbecue.
“Some people like that vinegar-based sauce,” he said.
Ribs, chicken and potato salad are also on the menu.
A special addition by McClure is a barbecue salad, which comes complete with cucumbers, lettuce and tomato.
“I just decided it would be something neat to try,” he said.
A lunch special including regular sandwich, fries and a drink is $5.
Beer and wine are also available on the menu.
McClure said he will start offering wings this weekend as well as barbecue slaw.
A drive-up window is located on the side of the restaurant and is a good option for those who need a quick pick-up on the way home.
Rene Hartley of Denver came by for some barbecue Wednesday afternoon with her children.
“I’ve eaten here before. It’s great,” Hartley said. “I love it.”
Curly’s is located at 7558 E. N.C. 73, across the street from the East Lincoln Animal Hospital. Hours are 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday and noon to 7 p.m. Sunday. For more information call 704-827-1211.
by Amy Wadsworth

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