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LEDA group to focus on Denver

The Lincoln Economic Development Association now has a presence in the east Lincoln area.
LEDA’a newly formed group, the East Lincoln Advisory Committee, will assist in bringing businesses to the Denver area.
“This has been something that the board determined they needed to do back at the retreat in January,” said Barry Matherly, executive director.
On the other side of the lake, another group, Lake Norman Regional Economic Development Commission, covers the towns of Huntersville, Davidson and Cornelius.
This group does not cover Denver and Matherly wanted to step in and have LEDA known as the committee that will.
At LEDA’s meeting Thursday, the bylaws for the new group were approved.
Tom Anderson was appointed as chairman of the group, the vice chairman appointed was Doug Core and Harold Howard Jr. will serve on the board.
Matherly said the next step for the committee will be to add more members with the total not going over nine.
Meetings will be held at least four times a year.
All the members for the group are expected to be chosen by the next board meeting in September.
Another goal for the group includes getting a Web site set up.
Matherly said the group should start meeting in October and November once the final members are added.
For more information on LEDA visit, www.lincolneda.org.

by Amy Wadsworth

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