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ELPAC to continue interviews

The East Lincoln Political Action Committee (ELPAC) is gearing up for another set of candidate interviews after completing meetings with Republican candidates for county commissioner.
“We hope to be able to identify the good and qualified candidates to help educate the voter,” Judy Browne, chairwoman of ELPAC, said. “One of the things that we found when we did it before was that people appreciate the heavy lifting. We had the opportunity to ask the questions and meet with the people that they hadn’t had the opportunity to meet with.”
The group will interview Democrat Bradley Neal Duke and Libertarian Shane Killian, who are both running for county commissioner.
They will both be asked the same questions that the Republican candidates were asked before the primaries.
ELPAC will also interview the two candidates for N.C. House of Representatives, Democrat Ken Fortenberry and Republican Joe Kiser.
Interviews are expected to be scheduled in the N.C. State Senate, 41st District race. Democrat Rita W. McElwaine and Republican James Forrester are running against each other.
The Board of Education candidates will also have the opportunity to be scheduled for interviews.
Candidates that are running are George Smith, Fred Jarrett, Jim Jones, Tony Jenkins and Clifidean F. Bethea.
These questions are still being put together.
Questions that will likely be put on the questionnaire for the school board include fiscal responsibility and the management of bond dollars and how to better manage it.
Browne said she would also like to go over questions regarding the missing school programs and the mix of school problems.
“We would also like to know about school books,” she said. “Why aren’t parents allowed to buy them?”
Overall, Browne said ELPAC is looking for someone who has a good vision for the school system.
“We are very worried about the bond issue,” she said.
Browne said they hope to be done interviewing by the middle of September.
“We have a lot of people to get through,” she said.
by Amy Wadsworth

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