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School Board approves fire hydrant for Love Memorial

Love Memorial Elementary School will soon be safer for students if the Board of Education follows the recommendation of one of its committees.
Milton Sain, chief of Crouse’s volunteer fire department, spoke before the board at its July meeting about the elementary school’s need for an additional fire hydrant.
“The distance from the exiting fire hydrant to the cafeteria is well over 1,000 feet,” said Sain. “With that distance it would take at least three trucks to supply the water to the back of the school.”
Adding another fire hydrant will cost around $2,500 to install. The Board of Education requested fire safety checks at all other Lincoln County Schools, and nothing concerning was found.
Diand Canipe, principal of Love Memorial Elementary, was surprised to learn that her school needed an additional fire hydrant.
“I just knew there was one here,” said Canipe.
The Board of Education’s Building and Site Committee unanimously voted to recommend adding another fire hydrant to the site. The final decision will be made at the board’s September meeting.
Sain was pleased to hear the committee had a positive recommendation.
“It’s just going to make it safer,” said Sain. “There’s a certain amount of danger involved with not having a hydrant in that location.”
If a fire broke out at Love Memorial Elementary, fire fighters could control the blaze by using trucks to carry water back and forth. A new fire hydrant would simplify the situation
“It will free up the equipment and make it easier for those involved,” said Sain.
Despite this one concern, Sain is quick to praise fire safety in Lincoln County Schools.
Like all other schools in the county, Love Memorial Elementary conducted a fire drill within the first 10 days of school.
“We cleared our building in a minute and a half, and we thought that was outstanding,” said Canipe.
Throughout the county, each classroom has two fire exits marked at the door, and students practice the drill monthly.
Other safety procedures practiced in schools include tornado drills, lock-downs and responses to bomb threats.

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