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Andrews and Watson named soccer coaches

As the school year starts, two Lincoln County schools will have new men’s soccer coaches.
At North Lincoln, Preston Springer will be replaced by baseball coach Shawn Andrews. Lincolnton will replace John Meeker with Ed Watson.
It’s believed that both Springer and Meeker stepped down voluntarily.
Knights’ athletic director Mark Lackey said that Springer will continue to coach women’s soccer but due to time will not coach the men’s team.
“He is going back to school for some further education, so he stepped down due to time constraints,” he said.
Andrews’ experience at West Lincoln was the primary reason Lackey approached him with the job a week ago.
“Shawn started the club soccer program at West Lincoln. He’s got a soccer background from there,” Lackey said.
Lackey is excited with Andrews’ acceptance of the job and believes he places his student-athletes’ best interests at heart.
“He said he would take it for us. He’s a great guy. He means well for the kids- he’ll be good for them. That’s one of the reasons I’m looking forward to having him as our soccer coach,”
For the athletic director, Andrews taking the job was the final head coaching job to be filled after David Johnson was named men’s basketball coach earlier this summer.
“Anytime you’re faced going into a year and you have a coaching vacancy you have to fill, you start to wonder where that is going to be filled from. It’s a great peace of mind for me to know that all our teams are covered,”
“We have coaches that are going to devote their time to the welfare of our kids and it really takes a lot of stress off you.”
Scott Cloninger, the Wolves’ Athletic Director, confirmed Sunday that Watson will take over the reigns at Lincolnton.
Watson coached soccer at Salisbury for five years, one of the main reasons for his hire.
“He’s very knowledgeable. He’s had the experience. He spent that time at Salisbury, so I feel he’s very qualified and I think he’ll do a great job,” Cloninger said.
Lincolnton’s soccer program will receive a much-needed boost as the soccer field received a make-over this summer.
“It’s a great start. No field is perfect in a year, but we have a good start and have a good plan on schedule. It’s a level field, the right size and we have a scoreboard ready to put up,” Cloninger said.
Cloninger feels that time will reveal how successful the new field will be and that the make-over will be advantageous for not only the Watson’s soccer program but also the marching band.
“It’s going to take a couple of years to get it to where we want it to be. Our football field is 40 years old and our baseball field is about 30 years old, so it just takes time for you to develop a good facility,”by John Mark Brooks

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