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Lincoln County job claims rose in June

Unemployment rates in Lincoln County took a jump upwards due to all the recent layoffs.
June’s data rose from a 6.4 percent in May to 7.3 percent in June.
Judi Morton, manager at Lincoln County’s Employment Security Commission, said the increase was inevitable.
“The recent layoffs at Null Industries in Maiden and Delta Apparel were the main factors for the increase,” Morton said. “And it won’t get better for July because of the layoffs at Fabritex in Lincolnton.”
Null Industries lost 50 employees. Delta Apparel in Lincolnton experienced a loss of 20 people, however this layoff is temporary.
Surrounding counties all experienced an increase.
“We are impacted by the surrounding counties because many people go to work there,” she said. “It all plays a part.”
Another factor for the increase is the students who are coming into the workforce seeking summer employment.
“There is always an increase when this happens,” Morton said.
However, Morton said the rate is better than last year’s which was at an 8.5 percent.
Catawba County increased from 7.0 in May to 7.2 in June. Gaston County also felt the rise from 6.4 in May to 7.1 in June. Cleveland County had an increase from 8.6 in May to 9.6 in June.
For the month, rates fell in eight N.C. counties. As much as .7 percentage points were unchanged in two and rose in 90. Much of the increase in unemployment rates may be due to seasonal factors, such as school closings and students entering the labor force seeking summer employment, according to the state’s Employment Security Commission.
For the fourth consecutive month, Vance County had the state’s highest unemployment rate at 14 percent. For the third consecutive month, Currituck County had the state’s lowest unemployment rate at 1.4 percent.
The state’s unemployment rate in June was at 5.5 percent, up slightly from 5.3 percent in May. This makes the fourth consecutive month that the rate has been below the national average of 5.6 percent, according to statistics by the state’s Employment Security Commission. by Amy Wadsworth

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