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Residents opine on putting East Lincoln in play

The topic of recreation in east Lincoln County has been an ongoing discussion for many years.
Especially now that it is summer, area residents are searching for things to do.
Many of those residents have requests for recreational improvements such as a park and more community activities.
Others are fairly confident in what east Lincoln has to offer.
Sherry Warner of Denver said there is plenty to do for a small town.
“I love it,” Warner said. “I live on the lake; I have a pool and access to the lake so I am very fortunate.”
Warner, a first-grade teacher at Iron Station Elementary School, said she has never heard of any other residents complaining of the lack of recreation.
Carole Holmes of Denver has been a resident for seven years and has been retired for 20 years. Her husband just retired from Duke Power six years ago.
“We live on the lake and there is plenty of recreation (on the lake),” she said. “We picnic at the lake.”
Denver resident Lacie Gordon, a student at Gaston College, said that recreation is not where it should be.
“We see things come up in the community, but the community is not involved like they should be,” she said.
Gordon said there are only activities when there is a reason to celebrate, such as activities for July 4.
She is very much in favor of a park.
“We need one,” Gordon said. “You have to drive 20 minutes to get to one.”
Sam Kelly has been a Denver resident since 1972 and said that recreation in the east is headed in the right direction.
“I think the activities at the Optimist Club are great,” he said. “There are things for the kids and it is a place for people to walk and exercise.”
He is also in favor of the park at Beattys Ford.
“It has been a slow thing, but I think the reason it is slow is because they want it to be very organized,” Kelly said. “If we wait for something good then we don’t mind waiting.” by Amy Wadsworth

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