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Lack of fire hydrant at Love Memorial rattles school officials

When the chief of Crouse’s volunteer fire department did a routine check on Love Memorial Elementary School, he was shocked with what he found.
“I thought, surely to God they put a hydrant here when they built the school house,” said Fire Chief Milton Sain.
Sain discovered that the school did not have a fire hydrant that would give easy access to its newest addition, which includes the front of the school and the school cafeteria where most fires start.
“This was just an oversight in planning,” said Sain. “I don’t think anyone thought about it.”
Sain brought the information to the Board of Education at their monthly meeting last Wednesday. He feels confident that the board will address the situation.
“I was pleased with their reactions,” said Sain. “I do believe I’m going to get a hydrant.”
When learning about the lack of a fire hydrant at the Love Memorial Elementary, members of the Board of Education considered examining the situation on a county-wide scale.
“We may want to go to other schools and touch base with other fire departments to see if they came across anything like this,” said board member Fred Jarrett.
A new fire hydrant for Love Memorial Elementary would cost around $4,000, and Sain believes it would be money well spent.
During his routine check on the school he also noted that the roof was made up of plywood sheeting and fiberglass shingles.
“The roof material is combustible, and it will burn,” said Sain. “If it were to catch on fire it would continue to spread.”
Sain has good reason to be concerned. In the early ’70s when he was attending Love Memorial Elementary the building caught on fire.
“One complete wing was gutted by the fire,” said Sain.
Installing a hydrant at the front of the school should not be too difficult because of an existing water line.
The Board of Education’s Building and Site Committee has scheduled a meeting to address the issue.
“We deeply appreciate you bringing this to our attention,” said Jean Dellinger, chairman of the Board of Education.
If a fire does occur at the school before a hydrant is installed, trucks will have to carry water back and forth in order to put out a fire.
“It will make the fire department’s job a whole lot easier if that fire hydrant’s there,” said Sain. “Hopefully we’ll never have to hook a hose to it.”by Sarah Grano

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