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Seven seek election to four school board seats

Four seats on the Board of Education will be open next term, and seven candidates have filed.
Filing for the Board of Education started on June 7 and ended Wednesday morning.
The election will take place on Nov. 2, and the term for each position lasts four years.
Tommy Houser, a current board member and former chairman of the Board of Education is running for the North Brook Township unopposed.
Houser believes dealing with growth in the county and maintaining teacher supplements should both be large concerns of the Board of Education.
George Dellinger, also a current board member, is running unopposed for the Ironton Township.
Dellinger, a former teacher and carpenter, hopes to continue with his work on the new facilities being paid for by the $47 million bond referendum.
“The biggest issue we’ve got is that the growth in the county is so vast, it’s hard to keep up with it concerning the facilities for the education of the children,” said Dellinger.
Three candidates have filed for At Large seats on the Board of Education.
Tony Jenkins, a 49-year-old fire engineer, has served one term on the board.
Jenkins is most proud of helping consolidate the school system’s policies and creating a new superintendent evaluation while on the board.
Like his fellow incumbents, he believes the school system’s biggest concern should be with the growth in the county.
“I would like to see a slow in the growth until we can catch up,” said Jenkins.
Jim Jones, 40, has also filed for an At Large seat. Jones works as a contractor, and believes his experience in construction will aid the Board of Education during the building of two new schools.
Jones currently has children enrolled in Lincoln County Schools.
“When we lived in Charlotte we were disappointed with the school system, and we sought out a good school system for our children, and we chose Lincoln County,” said Jones.
Clifidean Bethea has also filed for an At Large seat. She could not be reached for comment at press time.
Fred Jarrett, a current board member, has filed for an Inside the City Limits seat. He will run against George Smith, a retired businessman.
Jarrett, 51, works as a nuclear chemistry instructor at McGuire Nuclear Station and has a masters degree in educational administration and supervision.
Like Jenkins, he sites the creation of a new superintendent evaluation as one of his accomplishments while on the board.
Jenkins would like to continue his work with building two new schools in Lincoln County that were approved with the $47 million bond referendum.
He believes the process will go smoother than the building of North Lincoln High School last year.
“We were handed a situation that was really not good for building a new school,” said Jarrett. “This time having experience in the environmental area, we have really done an excellent job looking at new school sites.”
Jarrett’s opponent, Smith, has worked as a substitute teacher for two years after retiring. While working as a businessman his focus was on sales and marketing.
“I’ve always had an interest in Lincoln County Schools and just the education process as a whole,” said Smith.
If he is elected, Smith promises to make sure the $47 million school bond referendum is spent wisely.
“Our Board of Education needs to be very, very accountable to taxpayers,” said Smith.by Sarah Grano

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