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Christian Ministry needs more LINC volunteers

Christian Ministry of Lincoln County needs volunteers.
The non-profit organization that helps underprivileged people is feeling a decline in volunteerism.
One division that is in dire need of help is LINC Meals, a program that provides warm meals to shut-ins five days a week.
More than 100 people are served each week.
Mitzi Williams, coordinator of the LINC Meals program, speculates about what’s causing the decline in drivers.
“I think since the gas crisis and it being summer, people just haven’t been calling me,” she said.
The program currently has about 235 drivers. Most only drive once or twice a month. Many have been taking on additional routes to ensure the meals will be delivered.
Susan Brymer, director of Christian Ministry, feels the decline in volunteerism could be a trend.
“All non-profits are struggling to get volunteers,” she said.
Two-thirds of the drivers for LINC Meals are senior citizens. Brymer said usually seniors have found time to volunteer after retirement, but many seniors are no longer staying home. They’re working part time to pay living expenses.
“For those who don’t (have to work), we’d love to keep them active and a part of the community,” she said.
Routes often take less than an hour to complete. Drivers pick up meals from Lincoln Medical Center then complete their deliveries.
Some businesses have formed teams to drive routes. Employees form teams to cover routes.
The experience is worth the time, Williams said.
“It’s real flexible and real rewarding.”
The program is always seeking sponsors. Some seniors pay to be a part of the program, and Christian Ministry covers the cost for others. Meals average about $55 a month. Regular or one-time donations keep the program going.
Anyone who would like to make donations or sign up to drive call Mitzi Williams at 704-732-0383.by Diane Turbyfill

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