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Large cache of stolen goods found

DENVER — Authorities with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of stolen property Thursday during a late-night operation that is continuing this morning.
Detectives are not yet releasing the names of the suspects in the thefts, but charges of possession of stolen goods are pending.
On Thursday, workers with a business out of Statesville were working in Denver and noticed a skid steer that resembled one that had been stolen from them, Detective Tim Johnson said.
It was confirmed that the equipment was stolen.
Deputy Hal Kluttz took the report, and Johnson and Detective Lee Keller went to the location at 393 North Pilot Knob Road to investigate. Detectives Sally Dellinger and Lester White, along with other Charlie district officers, also assisted in the investigation.
Two men, Tim W. Dellinger and James T. Davis, who rented the land where the skid steer was found, gave authorities consent to search the property, Johnson said.
Inside a fenced-in area, they discovered a number of stolen vehicles including a tractor trailer. Jet skis, generators and TVs were also found.
Mattresses and furniture filled the inside of one stolen trailer, according to reports. In another were tires and a bathtub with jets.
The stolen items are estimated to be worth about $200,000, Johnson said, and authorities expect to find victims from across the state. The thefts are believed to have taken place over the past year.
Sheriff Barbara Pickens lauded detectives and deputies for their work on the case.
“They worked through the night … they’re back at work early this morning trying to find owners,” she said. “This is an ongoing investigating that could take months to finish.”
Johnson said he expects to make an arrest on the possession charges today.
by Alice Smith

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