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Wachovia standings released

CHAPEL HILL—The North Carolina High School Athletic Association has announced the final standings in the Wachovia Conference Cup competitions for the 2003-2004 academic year.
The best finish by a Lincoln County school was Lincolnton’s third-place showing in the Midwest 2A Conference standings.
In most conferences, points are awarded based on participation and standings in conference play.
Here are the results for area conferences:
Southern Foothills 1-A: Hendersonville came out on top with a strong spring season. Polk County placed second. Conference standings: Hendersonville 180, Polk County 169, Cherryville 162, North Lincoln 157, Highland Tech 141,Bessemer City 131 and Maiden 130.
Midwest 2-A: East Rutherford won conference championships in baseball and softball and placed second in men`s golf and men`s track to win its Conference`s cup. Shelby placed first in men`s tennis and second in women`s track to finish second overall. Conference standings: East Rutherford 117, Shelby 110, Lincolnton 107, Newton-Conover 101.5, Bandys 99, West Lincoln 94, Bunker Hill 77.5 and Chase 63.5
Big South 3-A: Ashbrook bumped Forestview from first place by clinching conference titles in men`s golf, softball, and baseball and sharing the women`s soccer title with Forestview. Forestview also placed first in men`s tennis. Conference standings: Ashbrook 218.5, Forestview 209.5, East Gaston 198, South Point 182.5, East Lincoln 179.5, Hunter Huss 152.5, North Gaston 122.5 and Philip Berry Academy 116.

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