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Summer reading

There was an interesting tidbit about the West Lincoln Library in our West Lincoln section on Friday: it serves the highest percentage of children out of all libraries in the Gaston-Lincoln system. Approximately 75 percent of books checked out of the library are for children. Some 200 children are signed up for this year’s summer reading program.
OK, so we are bribing them some. Students are rewarded with prizes for their participation. And, the library offers some interesting programs throughout the summer, such as Birdman Dave, who brings in his group of feathered buddies, which includes a macaw that flies around the building. But we believe the real reason these kids are showing up is that their parents know the value of reading. It’s a proven theory that reading early in childhood is a huge step toward mastering the more complex courses awaiting these children when they move onto higher grades. In fact, educators now urge parents to read to their babies.
The success of this library program is also a tribute to the Lincoln County Commissioners who emphasized the need to serve children when they authorized the library, which opened in January 2002 at West Lincoln Plaza on N.C. 27.
The library is a wonderful resource for kids who need to look beyond the summer TV fare, as a lot of kids in west Lincoln have already discovered.

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