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Plans for new school move forward

Plans for west Architects have finished preliminary designs on the new elementary school in western Lincoln County.
“We look forward to all this becoming a reality,” said Superintendent Jim Watson.
The architects from Martin Boal Anthony and Johnson met with Board of Education members, administrative staff and an interactive design team to show the most recent design for the elementary school.
The Friday board planning session was one of the last times participants in the project could make changes to the school design.
“We’re going to have to close down soon to meet our timeline,” said Watson.
School officials hope to start bidding the project in November. Actual construction on the school should begin in January.
“If we have a dry, warm winter, it’s possible you’ll get it in 12 to 13 months,” said Stan Anthony of the architectural firm.
The school is currently on a 16 month timeline, and officials hope to have it completed by the summer of 2006.
In many ways the new school’s design is similar to St. James Elementary School, which opened last fall.
There are some ways, however, that the new elementary school will be different such as its parking.
“The way this is designed we’ll have plenty of parking so everything’s accessible,” said Phyllis Tallent, assistant superintendent for support services.
The new elementary school will have 80 parking spaces in the front of the building, 120 parking spaces in the back of the building and room for approximately 100 cars to parallel park around the building.
“That’s a problem we have at all of our schools, not enough parking,” said Watson.
Along with Board of Education members and administration, the interactive design team also had input into the new school’s design.
The team, which is made up of staff from current West Lincoln elementary schools, spent time touring recently constructed elementary schools and then discussing their needs with the architects.
“We know you all put in a lot of extra time above and beyond your work schedule, and we appreciate it,” said Watson.
Many members of the team felt that the design for the new elementary school met their needs, and no team member requested any changes in the designs that the architects presented to the Board of Education.
“I thank them for really listening to us,” said Union Elementary School teacher Gayle Reid of the architects. “They were real receptive to our needs.”by Sarah Grano

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