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Asian cuisine menu grows in Lincolnton

Construction is starting to take place on Aspen Street.
It will be home to Sakura Japanese Restaurant in November.
A 3,500 square foot building will be constructed and will be located across from North Center Shopping Center.
Lloyd Trotter who is in charge of the project, is excited about the what the restaurant will have to offer.
“The food is excellent,” he said. “You won’t believe how good it is.”
Owner Mike Tran, who runs Ichiban Japanese Cuisine in Hickory, will be leasing the building from Trotter.
“He came and looked for a location in Lincolnton and found ours to be the best,” Trotter said.
Tran said it was time to open a restaurant in Lincolnton.
“I have a lot of customers who come from Lincolnton to eat my food in Hickory,” he said.
The restaurant will be dine-in or take-out. It will offer deep fried items, egg rolls, beer and wine. Orders that are $30 can be delivered.
Tran said if there is enough response, sushi may be another option he will bring. The restaurant will be located at 1855 North Aspen Street. by Amy Wadsworth

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