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The East on the issues

Voters in east Lincoln were surveyed on how they would like the Lincoln County commissioners to better their side of the county in the upcoming election.
Some of the issues that were mentioned include residents wanting more of a voice in east Lincoln, bettering education and getting a handle on growth issues.
Judy Watson, who has been a Denver resident for 34 years, said she would like to see a change in how zoning is done.
“If a property is zoned residential, leave it that way,” she said. “Don’t turn around two years later and turn it commercial.”
Lynda Cobb, a teacher at Pumpkin Center Elementary, would like to see an improvement in education.
“It is important that we put our money with our youth,” Cobb said. “That’s the future for my social security and yours.”
Cobb also said putting more funds towards technology in schools is important.
Patti Burrows, who has lived in Denver for eight years, wants the commissioners to stop favoring downtown Lincolnton.
“We have issues over here,” she said. “We need to spread the wealth.”
Burrows said she feels like east Lincoln is at the bottom of the totem pole.
“The services and schools are important,” she said. “We want equal representation, a little piece of the pie.”
Other residents feel that the growth in the east end is a big problem.
“There is a difference in being overpopulated and doing it wisely,” said John Michalski, a two-year Denver resident. “I see people clear-cutting land without thinking about it.”
Michalski said as far as taxes go, he wants “the biggest bang for the buck.”
Todd Fink, who has been in Denver for four months, is satisfied with how things are run.
“We have good schools, I think the best in the state,” he said. “We need to keep it that way.”
Fink said the overpopulation in east Lincoln is not a problem to him.
“With this area growing so fast, I think they have handled it well,” he said.

by Amy Wadsworth

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