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LMC Pavilion employees praise center provisions

Administrators at East Lincoln’s Healthcare Pavilion in Denver say the center has gotten off to a great start with all of its new services.
The pavilion, which opened this past May, offers optima therapy, imaging, urology and a center for women’s health.
Soon there will be internal medicine, pediatrics and orthopaedic services.
Dr. Heather Melling of WestLake Chiropractic has had an office in the building since it opened.
Other services joining the healthcare pavilion include an imaging center, which performs X-rays, bone density scans, mammography and soon ultrasound technology. The imaging films are read by board-certified radiologists from the Charlotte Radiology Group.
Dawn Burke, radiology technologist at the center, said her goal is to create an inviting environment.
The mammography machine and bone density testing allow women to have access to these services without having to enter a hospital setting.
“I have many patients who come from Lincolnton who don’t mind the drive,” Burke said. “We have state of the art equipment, which is wonderful.”
Some of the perks of the imaging center include a new dressing room, a coffee room and a hands-on learning tool on how to perform a breast exam.
The mammography machine is designed to improve the quality and comfort of the procedure.
“It is a better experience than some of the other mammography machines,” Burke said.
The bone density machine is the most advanced bone densitometer available, Burke said. Patients lie down on the scanner and in a matter of minutes can find out the results.
“The machine is helpful and quick,” Burke said. “The scan only takes five or 10 minutes.”
The machine measures the density of the spine, hip and other bones in 30 seconds, which helps radiologists identify potential risks at an earlier age. It also measures body fat.
The Optima Therapy center, also a new addition to the pavilion, offers physical, occupational and speech therapies.
A speech room, occupational room, pediatric gym and five physical treatment rooms are all offered.
“Patients love how much room there is,” said Nicole Wilson, who works in the center. “There is a lot of privacy as well.”
Courtney Hilliard, community relations coordinator for Lincoln Medical Center, said there is still much more to come.
“We are waiting for the hospital to really take off,” she said. “We hope to be extremely busy.”
The center is located at 275 N.C. 16 North. For more information or to make an appointment, call 704-489-6788.by Amy Wadsworth

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