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Fellow workers pay tribute to retiree

The retirement of a popular Harris Teeter employee brought accolades from her fellow workers, including a poetic tribute.
Here’s what Harris Teeter’s Nancy Bell wrote about Johnnie Covington, 65, who has worked at the Lincoln County store for the past 14 years.
What are we going to say, what are we going to do,
Life at HT won’t be the same without you,
Oh, that laughter and that dazzling smile
How you sort hose tags pile after pile
You tell it like it is and never try to pretend
Always the same Johnnie, our dear sweet friend
As a scanning coordinator you’re the best
Trust worthy, hard working, which no one would contest.
The tribute goes on to compliment Covington on her role as a grandmother and points out her strong faith.
Co-worker Lana Bollinger said Covington was just pleasant to be around.
“She is always prompt, on time, and she does a good job. We will miss her,” said Covington. “We depend on her. She fixes problems. She’s special.”
That’s all well and good, says Covington, but she is now ready for retirement.
“I know my co-workers don’t won’t me to go, but it’s time,” she said. “I’m excited about my retirement, I’ve worked here for a long time, and now I look forwards to sitting on my patio and watching the birds eat, and drink water. I’ll even water my flowers early in the morning.”
But she will miss the familiar customers she had grown to know over the years.
“One of the fondest memories I have is seeing so many children come to the store. I’ve watched them grow up and continue to shop here with their parents,” said Covington.
Harris Teeter supervisor Charlie Litton said Covington provided the integrity the company expects and community needs.
“She was committed to being an outstanding employee; she always went above and beyond. She was always on time and the customers loved her because she knew their names and always had a smile on her face,” said Litton.by Laura Leedy

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