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Sekal leaves for Polk

Two Lincoln County coaches are changing school addresses for the upcoming school year. Former North Lincoln men’s basketball coach and Athletic Director Scott Sekal has taken a job at Polk County. David Johnson former Lincolnton women’s basketball coach has agreed to take the position that Sekal left vacant as men’s head basketball coach for the Knights.
The decision to leave North Lincoln was bitter-sweet for Sekal, but citing mainly family reasons he believed it was best.
“It was a tough decision. It’s not that I put my resume out there or went looking for another position. This school called me to see if I had any interest whatsoever. As I’ve stated before, my biggest most important part is my family,” he said.
There were several factors that led to Sekal taking the head basketball coach and teaching position.
“After going through the interview process, talking to my son, friends and weighing all the options, I believe this is the best-case scenario for my family and myself,” he said.
Despite the move Sekal has no hard feelings toward the county he is leaving.
“I have a lot of friends in Lincoln County Schools. I think Lincoln County is a great place to be, but I think this opportunity academically and athletically offers more for Colin (his son) and myself,” he said.
“I’m real excited about going to Polk County Schools and to have the opportunity. Having been there a few times, I’m really going to enjoy going to school there and competing athletically there,” Colin Sekal said who will attend Polk County High School.
“I’m excited athletically, their athletic endeavors are very well-stated. They have tons of athletes, the football program is on the rise and the soccer team (boys) won a state championship,” Sekal said, who’s already had the opportunity to run a basketball camp in Polk County.
Sekal is thrilled for the opportunity to become the Wolverines’ head coach.
“I’m very flattered that Polk County thought about me to fill the position. Following the interviews, it lead to the job offer. I hope I can fulfill their expectations and dreams to build a program there.”
Johnson is excited about his new role as men’s basketball coach at North Lincoln.
“It’s a good opportunity to take a new program and start it basically from scratch. It will be a good challenge,” he said.
Sekal believes his successor Johnson is the right person for the job.
“I had the opportunity to work with David one year. I think he’s a young coach who will be successful because of his work ethic and drive. He wants to learn more about the game and I know he’s excited about the opportunity to come to North Lincoln and I’m sure he’ll do well at the job.”
Johnson, who is more used to coaching the women’s game, believes there will be adjustments made to his coaching.
“There are differences, there will be differences—ways I’ll have to present certain coaching styles, but I think it will be fun and a learning experience. We’re all in the learning experience together.”by John Mark Brooks

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