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Lincoln Squares celebrate 25 years of dancing

Frilly skirts twirl as music plays and the voice of the caller instructs the next move.
It’s another Friday night for members of the Lincoln Squares.
A circle of couples spin, stroll and shag across the floor as other members arrive. Old friends greet each other with hugs and handshakes.
The group has been meeting to cut a rug for 25 years.
Frances Rhyne and her husband, David, began square dancing in 1979. A relative encouraged them to take a class.
“And we’ve been dancing ever since,” Frances Rhyne said.
And they dress the part.
Couples’ outfits are often color coordinated. Women wear brightly colored shirts and skirts.
Men and women wear pins of past dances and offices held within the club.
The local club has been going strong for years, but square dancing reaches far and wide. Many members travel to attend national square dancing events.
Dot Cloninger said she and her husband haven’t taken long distance trips but have gone to dances in Raleigh, Myrtle Beach, West Virginia and Tennessee.
Dances remain the same no matter where they’re held, she said.
“It doesn’t matter what country you’re in. Square dancing is always called the same,” said Frances Rhyne.
And, avid dancers can always find a place to dance, Rhyne said. Nearby, dances are held in Charlotte, Hickory and Mooresville.
Lincoln Squares club members sometimes seek out area dances but remain loyal to their local events.
The Lincoln Squares meet every other Friday at the William Lentz Gym where they have met since 1979.
Fans blow to cool the room; the caller stands on a platform; and refreshments sit at the ready in the kitchen.
“We have a good time together,” said Dot Cloninger. “They’re wonderful people.”
The Lincoln Squares will celebrate its 25th anniversary Friday night with a dance at the James W. Warren Citizens Center.
Early rounds will begin at 7:30 p.m. The dance begins at 8 and ends at 10:30. Cost is $10 per couple, and guests are welcome.
For more information call 704-276-9301 or 704-732-1520.by Diane Turbyfill

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