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Scraper mishap kills man

DENVER — A heavy machinery accident Wednesday afternoon in Denver resulted in the death of a Chester, S.C. man.
Larry Boulware, 48, was operating a scraper when his machine collided with a motor grader driven by coworker Jason Yates, said Ken Staley, project manager with McWhirter Grading Company.
Boulware was treated at the scene and transported to Carolinas Medical Center where he later died, according to Detective Lee Keller with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office.
The details of the accident are still unknown.
“At this point we don’t know a whole lot of anything,” Boulware said. “We’ve gotten statements from the employees that are involved, and OSHA is investigating.”
The accident happened on the construction site of the new N.C. 16 north of Sifford Road.
The collision was the second accident of the day on the site, according to Staley. The first wasn’t near as critical.
“An employee fell off a piece of equipment and hit his head,” Staley said.
The injured worker only suffered a few stitches, Staley said.
McWhirter has been working on the N.C. 16 project for almost three years. Boulware had been a part of the crew for more than a year.
Workers from the site took Thursday off.
“We told employees to go home, take the day off and think about the man we lost,” Staley said.by Diane Turbyfill

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