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Scores keep rising

The Board of Education heard news of a continued rise in Lincoln County students’ test scores at their June meeting on Wednesday night.
The board received data on End of Grade (EOG) test scores, which tested students in the third grade through the eighth grade.
They also learned the End of Course (EOC) test scores, which measures students taking high school level classes.
“I’m thrilled about this improvement in the high school performance,” said Elaine Jenkins, assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction.
Overall EOC scores rose 3.5 percentage points from 73.6 percent in the 2002 to 2003 school year to 77.1 percent this past school year.
Improvement was shown in five out of the eight subjects tested.
Scores in chemistry, physics and physical science all dropped.
The Board of Education also learned about the overall rise in EOG scores.
Reading scores rose 2.5 percentage points to a score of 85.7 percent proficiency.
A total of 92.7 percent of third through eighth graders were found at or above grade level in math in the past school year. That’s an increase of nearly three percentage points.
“When you break that 90 point barrier with the whole district, you’ve got to have a lot of pride,” said Jenkins.
Individual scores for schools have yet to be released, and the test scores will not become official until they are approved by the State Board of Education.
Board of Education members and school system administrative staff commended school employees, parents and students on their hard work.
”It’s never just one component, but I do think we have all the pieces in place,” said Superintendent Jim Watson.
The Board of Education also covered the following issues at their June meeting:
· The board learned that a total of 669 students graduated from Lincoln County Schools this past year.
The graduating class received over $3 million in scholarships, and 36 percent of graduates planned to move on to four-year colleges.
Another 42 percent of graduates planned to attend a two year community college. Students going directly into the workforce made up 14 percent, and the remaining 4 percent of students planned to join the military.
· The board will now send sympathy cards to the family of any student or current employee in the school system who dies.
· The school system has come to an agreement with Abernethy Chevrolet to allow them to acquire surplus property between Bojangles and Abernethy Chevrolet that is adjacent to G.E. Massey Elementary School. The Board of Education agreed to contact the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office in hopes of receiving more security at meetings. They also hope to have better lighting in the Board of Education parking lot. by Sarah Grano

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