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Relay for Life volunteers hold wrap-up party

They enjoyed cake and ice cream and celebrated a campaign that raised approximately $145,000 for the American Cancer Society.
Co-chairs John Dancoff and Susan Beaver praised the success of Lincolnton’s Relay for Life event as organizers and team captains gathered for a wrap-up party at Betty Ross Park. This year’s event, held May 7-8 at Lincolnton High School was the first rain-free relay in years.
The funds raised by 42 teams was not near the $175,000 goal, but organizers said what’s important is that it was a success. Crowds returned under sunny skies to the stadium at Lincolnton High School to an event that offered lots of entertainment, more than 1,000 luminaries, and participation by cancer survivors.
“Everything was perfect,” said Beaver. “We had great weather, good crowds, good entertainment.”
Most importantly, it brought hope for cancer survivors, their families and friends.
“It’s all abut hope,” she said. “It’s on the T-shirts.”
The money raised, along with East Lincoln Relay’s more than $400,000, will likely make Lincoln County one of the top fund-raisers in the nation for its population category, an achievement made for the past five years, Dancoff said.
“It was a phenomenal year.”
R-Anell Housing raised the most money, some $16,000, thanks in part to a 100 percent company match to its team’s collections.
Providence Missionary Baptist Church, which provided music during the event, receive the “Spirit of the Relay” award.

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