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Paradise Lakes approved

Eastern Lincoln County residents Monday spoke against a proposed 325-lot subdivision, citing traffic and safety as their main concerns.
A public hearing on the proposed Paradise Lakes development was held in the auditorium of the James W. Warren Citizens Center. Sixteen people voiced concerns, while others listened intently.
But the county Planning Board, after hearing hours of comments from the developer, engineers and residents, voted unanimously to recommend commissioners approve the request.
That recommendation is dependent on developer Bob MacLeod agreeing to one of three conditions, said Kelly Atkins, director of Building and Land Development.
The three options are: adding sidewalks along Blades Trail for the entire length of the subdivision; connecting the small clustered lots with the rest of the development so residents don’t have to access them via Webbs Road; and purchasing right of way to exit onto Webbs Road from the other side of the subdivision.
The Lincoln County Board of Commissioners has the final say on the application. Commissioners will consider it during their June 21 meeting.
If approved, 249 acres bordering Blades Trail, Burton Lane, Webbs Road and Sarah Drive will be rezoned from residential districts to Conditional Use Planned Residential. The rezoning will allow for the development of Paradise Lakes, which will include 325 lots for single-family homes and feature two ski lakes.
MacLeod said theme-based communities are becoming more popular, and he sees Paradise Lakes as an asset to the county.
“We have a vision of something we hope is going to be a benefit … that is going to encourage responsible growth in our community,” he said.
But neighboring property owners see the development as a dangerous addition to the area, especially considering the traffic it will dump onto Blades Trail, a winding road with many blind spots.
Blades Trail is already a “very, very dangerous road,” said resident Tommy Touchstone. “It was never intended for the traffic it has on it today, much less a major influx of traffic.”
Blades Trail resident Rudy Bauer said he already has trouble backing out of his driveway.
Residents also expressed concerns with safety surrounding a dam being built to create the ski lakes. If the dams failed, they said, homes and residents would be in danger.
Issues with the environment and school impact also came up.
Resident Ann Michael suggested having a community meeting with the developer to calm some of the neighbors’ fears and help them understand different aspects of the plan.
Commissioners could vote on the issue June 21.
In other business, the Board of Commissioners:
· Voted unanimously to support a bill introduced by Sen. James Forrester that defines marriage as a union between one man and one woman. The amendment would ban gay marriages.
· Approved about $33,000 in incentive grants for Fischer Engine Company, which plans to occupy a shell building in Denver. The company builds engines for motorsports including NASCAR and the Indy 500. The company will provide at least 10 new jobs paying at least $12 an hour over two years.
Approved the first five steps for improving security at the Lincoln County Courthouse. Sixty-eight panic alarms have already been installed. Commissioners also appointed a subcommittee to work with architect Dennis Williams and Sheriff Barbara Pickens on the plans.by Alice Smith

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