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Crowds to gather at battle site

People from a dozen states will gather Saturday and Sunday for the celebration and reenactment of the Battle of Ramsour’s Mill.
“Every year the crowds have gotten larger,” said Lincoln County Historical Coordinator Darrel Harkey. “It’s contagious, it’s infectious.” The annual event started in 1994.
Since then, the historical site has undergone much restoration. Christopher Reindhardt’s cabin has been renovated and much of the Tuskegee road, a major route at the time, has been cleared.
“This was one of the furthermost settlements west,” said Harkey. “All the western states were wilderness. This is as far as you got from the sea.”
In addition, the Historic Properties Commission was awarded a $50,000 grant to build trails, parking, and restroom facilities. “Eventually, it will be connected to the city park,” said Harkey.
All of the work was done with donated money. “We’re doing all of this work without raising taxes, without costing anybody anything” vowed Harkey. “And as we add more, people will want to donate more.”
These renovations come after decades of obscurity for the site. Much of the battlefield is now taken up by schools.
The battlefield became the third historical site designated in North Carolina in the 1930s. Saturday’s celebration will mark the 224th anniversary of the battle.
Among the activities planned, Doug Mayes, “the Walter Cronkite of the south,” will speak and a more realistic reenactment of the battle than last year’s will be performed. A ‘ghost walk’ around the trail will take place in the evening. Free barbecue will be provided for lunch for all that attend.
The living history camp will display weaving, cooking, and medicine as practiced in those times.
“For a lot of the procedures, you would be surprised. They’re still amputating legs and arms the same way today,” Harkey said. “It’s just sterile and a lot less painful.”
Also on display will be various flags. Harkey said 99.9 percent of people wouldn’t recognize the first American flag.
“It’s educational for the kids and interesting to the parents,” Harkey said. “I guarantee it’s more fun than a day at Carowinds—and it’s free.”

9 a.m. – Camp opens to public
10 a.m. – Opening ceremony: Emcee: Mr. Doug Mayes
11:30 a.m. – Free barbecue lunch served until 1:00 PM
2 p.m. – Sons of the American Revolution ceremony at the mass graves site
3 p.m. – Nicholas and Philip Warlick remembered at the grave site
4 p.m. – Battle of Ramsour’s Mill re-enacted on camp site
7:30 p.m. – Ghost Walk around the battlefield (Wear appropriate shoes and clothing and bring a flashlight.)
9 a.m. – Camp opens
11 a.m. – Old fashioned church service at mass grave site. Seating provided
2 p.m.: – Battle of Ramsour’s Mill re-enacted
4 p.m. – Camp closesby Caleb Hawkins

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