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Boaters ponder high gas prices

Despite a 30-cent increase in fuel costs over the past few months, boaters are still making their way to the lake.
Gas currently averages between $2.30 and $2.50 per gallon.
Mike Prince, who was on the lake last week, said gas prices are not outrageous.
He said nothing will keep him from taking his boat out, even if prices rise.
“I just bought a $75,000 boat,” Price said. “If you are worried about paying $10 more for gas, then you shouldn’t have a boat.”
Trey Ramsey at Holiday Marina in Cornelius said his gas sales have actually gone up.
“I sell roughly $12 (thousand) to $13,000 of gas on a weekend,” he said.
Shelly Wright, who works in Denver, takes her two jet skis out every weekend.
She said she has actually reduced her time on the lake due to the high gas prices.
“It sucks up as much gas as a car,” she said. “We used to go out during the week, but not anymore.”
Wright said it definitely puts a stop to long, casual rides now.
She fills up her jet skis at a gas station and not at a marina because it is cheaper.
It takes two cans of gas to fill up her jet skis.
“We used to fill up one can for $6, now it is approximately $10.50,” she said.
Eb Pyle, owner of Long Island Marina on Lake Norman, said he has not seen a decrease on the lake either.
“I have roughly 200 people fueling up on a weekend,” he said.
His gas prices average $2.33 a gallon. He said he has seen gas prices go up 35 cents in the last few months.
“They say it is going to keep going up,” he said. by Amy Wadsworth

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