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Woman charged in scam

Police have identified one of two people who allegedly posed as an undercover agent and conned a Lincolnton woman out of her savings in March.
The suspect is Janyce Davidson Arms, 58, of 4516 Randolf Road in Charlotte, Lincolnton Detective Matt Painter said.
Arms, along with a male accomplice, is accused of tricking a 64-year-old woman out of $4,000. She is charged with obtaining property by false pretense, conspiracy to commit a felony and impersonating a law enforcement officer.
On March 31, the woman reported that a man came to her door, showed her a badge and said he was an undercover police officer.
He told the woman he was working on a counterfeit check fraud case and that authorities believed her account was in danger.
The man convinced the victim to ride with him to the Bank of America in Boger City, where she did her banking. Arms was in the car.
Arms went into the bank with the victim and waited while she took all the money out of her checking and savings accounts — totaling about $4,000.
When they got back in the car, the man took the money and sealed it in an envelope. He told the victim to hide the money in her house.
When the woman got home, she opened the envelope and found it filled with newspaper clippings. Her money was gone.
Painter received a message from an unidentified caller about two months later saying Arms may be involved in the incident.
He pulled up her license picture through the DMV and compared it to footage from the Bank of America. Arms resembled the woman on the tape, so Painter searched her name on the Internet.
He found out her husband’s name, did a search on him and found he was in jail in Pitt County facing more than 15 counts of similar fraud charges.
Painter also found out that four months ago Kinston police and the State Bureau of Investigations searched Arms and her husband’s home and found more than 15 fake police badges, plastic guns and newspaper clippings.
The black male involved in the incident here is still unidentified, but Painter is in contact with the FBI, who is sending him a list of suspects.
He is described as in his mid- to late-40s, average height and build, and could be driving a white four-door car, possibly a Taurus.Anyone with information on Arms’ whereabouts should contact the Lincolnton Police Department at 704-736-8900. by Alice Smith

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