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Schools report 11th year of improvement in EOG

Lincoln County schools are quietly celebrating recent results from End of Grade (EOG) tests, which mark the 11th year of student improvement.
“They’re officially unofficial,” said Superintendent Jim Watson.
Before the results become official, they have to be approved by the State Board of Education, but the early results have made administrators proud.
In reading, students between grades third through eighth have been found to be 85.6 percent proficient.
That number of students at or above grade level is up from 83.2 percent proficiency last year.
Math scores have also shown an increase. The unofficial scores show the proficiency level to be at 92.6 percent.
That is an increase of 2.7 percentage points over last year’s scores.
Watson believes that after and before school tutoring is partly responsible for the increase in scores.
Each nine weeks students take standardized tests marking their progress.
Those who are found deficient in a subject are given extra help.
“I think we’re continuing to have focused intervention where we try throughout the school year to work individually with student deficiencies,” said Watson.by Sarah Grano

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