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Students celebrate last days

Children throughout the county have spent the last week of school eating sno-cones and celebrating the coming of summer vacation.
School finishes for the year on Friday morning at 11 a.m. Most students are looking forward to hearing the last school bell ring.
“School can get you very tired,” said Daniel Connel, a fifth-grader at Union Elementary School. “You have to wake up at 6:30 in the morning.”
Connel’s wake-up time this summer will be significantly later, but he does worry a little that he might get bored.
“It’s only two months,” he said. “I can handle it.”
Many students will be saying goodbye to school for good on Saturday when West Lincoln High School, East Lincoln High School and Lincolnton High School hold their graduations.
Lincolnton High’s graduation will take place at 9 a.m. at the James W. Warren Citizens Center.
West Lincoln’s ceremony will be held at the same place at 1 p.m.
East Lincoln will have their graduation ceremony outside in the school’s stadium at 10 a.m.
Many schools have spent their last week celebrating the year’s accomplishments.
Administrators at East Lincoln Middle School had to kiss a pig after students raised over $16,000 for Relay for Life.
G.E. Massey’s assistant principal Torben Ross slid down a soaped up slip in slide while students chanted his name over and over.
The spectacle was a reward for students reading over 10,000 books that year.
Many students who were moving on to other schools had goodbye parties.
At Union Elementary students danced to music and threw water balloons while wearing West Lincoln Middle School shirts.
Some were sad to have to say goodbye to their old school.
“I’ll miss the school,” said Savannah Costner, a fifth grade student. “I’ll miss the teachers.”
Parents also have to gear up for the summer, making plans for summer camps, day trips to Carowinds and weekend camping trips.
“They get to cut loose, have fun, stay up late,” said Amy Scats, the mother of a Union Elementary school student. by Sarah Grano

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