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Mustangs hold sports banquet

Three East Lincoln senior athletes had a big night at the annual awards ceremony.
Grant Covington was named the Male Athlete of the Year, While Sara Fleming was the Female Athlete of the Year.
Brooke Michael won two memorial awards: the Gwen Stroud Sportsmanship Award and the Ginger Cloninger Memorial Award.
Swimming MVPs were Kassi Henry and Russell Mahaffey. Most Improved went to Allison Fowler and Jesse Cadenhead. Kristen Bullock and Michael Mendez received Coaches Awards. Calli Thompson garnered the Mustang Award.
Varsity football cheerleading MVP was Anna Cook. The Mustang Award went to Kristy Kelly. Brooke Roseman was named Most Improved. Yalonda Shropshire was recognized as Most Spirited.
Varsity basketball cheerleading MVP was Lana Alexander. The Mustang Award went to Ashley Faile. Most Improved was Jillian Mourning. Kathryn Greerken was named Most Spirited.
JV cheerleading MVPs were Cassandra Smith in Football and Stacy Smith in Basketball.
In Baseball Trent Hovis was named MVP. Seth Alexander received the Cy Young Award. Utility Player Award went to Greyson Schram, while the Offensive Player of the Year went to Shane Brackett.
Jesse Cadenhead was named the MVP in JV baseball.
The MVP in softball was Nicole Shoemaker. Stephanie Horne was the Mustang Award recipient, along with Kristen Taffi. Most Improved went to Brooke Michael. Jessica Towery, Leslie Marlowe and Nicole Hall received the Coaches Award.
JV Softball MVP was Peyton Pressley.
There we Co-MVPs in volleyball, Jessica Towery and Brooke Michael. Stephanie Horne received the Best Defense Award. The Mustang Award went to Dana Rudisill.
JV volleyball MVP was Jessica Glenn.
Varsity boys soccer Co-MVPs were Jay Thompson and Chris Mauney. Ellis Dunston and Rush Simmons received the Best Offensive Player Award. Best Defensive Player went to John Fortenberry. Clay Parker received the Coach’s Award.
JV boys soccer MVP was Ryan Hutlgren.
Wrestling Co-MVPs were Donald Smith and Chris Smith. Most Improved went to Grier Simmons.
The Mustang Award went to Joey Davis.
In football the Offensive MVP was Travis Canipe. Todd Link was the Defensive MVP. Antron Nixon received the Coach’s Award. Matt Warren was named Most Improved.
JV football MVP was Travis Hosell.
Cross Country MVP was Chris Haney. Jason Harkey received the Mustang Award.
The girls MVP was Kim Scercy. Sara Fleming received the Mustang Award.
Girls golf MVP was Amanda McPherson. Boys golf MVP was Robbie Howard. Scott Brady was Most Improved. Jessie Andre received the Mustang Award.
Varsity boys basketball MVP was Grant Covington. Most Improved was Darin Dellinger and Dante Roseboro. The Mustang Award recepient was Brandon Hamilton. TJ Smith was named Best Defensive Player.
JV boys basketball MVP was Mitchell Lynch.
Girls varsity basketball MVP was Sara Fleming. Best Defensive Player was Toree Roseboro. Most Improved was Kim Scercy. The Mustang Award went to Leslie Marlowe.
JV girls basketball MVP went to Sarah Cooke.
Boys tennis MVP was Ben Greenberg. Chris Mauney received the Mustang Award. Alex Willhite was named Most Improved.
Girls tennis MVP was Kathryn Freeman. The Mustang Award went to Jessica Campbell. Most Improved went to Laura Estridge.
Boys track MVP was Dante Roseboro. Senior Award Recipient was Dennis Hickman. Chris Haney was named Most Dedicated, along with Brandon Hamilton. Then underclassman Award went to Brad Popple.
Girls track MVP was Toree Roseboro. Most Dedicated went to Stephanie Tassitino. The Team Before Self Recipient was Koree Roseboro. Victoria Ross received the Underclassman Award.
Three Sport Athletes were:
Grant Covington
Brooke Michael
Sara Fleming
Jadarious Roseboro
Matt Weiss
Jimmy Furr

Toree Roseboro
Chris Haney
Kim Scercy
Carlos Marques
Eric Robles

Nick Harmon
Ryan Sykes
Mitchell Lynch
Greyson Schram
Thomas Huntley
Sarah Cooke

Courtney Feldon
Jessica Glenn
Matt Warren
Nick Bell
Sarah Webb
Krista Abernathy
Jeremy Jamesby John Mark Brooks

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