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Political action group gathers questions for candidates

The East Lincoln Political Action Committee is gearing up for candidate interviews for the upcoming election.
Judy Browne, chairwoman and organizer, said the group has the list of candidates running for county commissioner and North Carolina House of Representatives.
The candidate evaluation committee has made up a list of questions for the candidates, which will address some of the issues and concerns that many residents in east Lincoln have.
With an election year ahead, the group decided to take a leadership role to ensure that issues and concerns important to east Lincoln residents and businesses are heard and taken seriously by candidates and elected officials.
“We are doing this in order to understand what the candidates really feel about the issues in Lincoln County,” Browne said. “We want to see how good the candidates would be for our community.”
The questions are divided into categories such as planning, development in east Lincoln, zoning, services and infrastructure.
The ELPAC committee will evaluate each candidate and develop a recommendation for the candidate, ranging from highly recommended to not recommended. The recommendations will be made public to local media.
An effort will be made to lobby for and support the recommended candidates. The organization will be soliciting donations to pay for outreach activities and for actively supporting candidates for office.
The interview process will start in July and August, Browne said.
She said she will begin to contact the candidates to see when they would like to be interviewed.
The process is not required. All results will be posted on the East Lincoln Betterment Association’s Web site at www.elbanc.org.
Interviews will be one-on-one between Browne or one of the members of the candidate evaluation committee.
There are nine candidates for county commissioner. They are: Democrat Johnny O. Dellinger, Libertarian Shane Killian, and Republicans Tom Anderson, Terry Brotherton, Larry Craig, Albert “Danny” Glenn, James Hallman, Marie Moore, and Alex Patton.
Ken Fortenberry, publisher and editor at news@norman, will be running against five-term state Rep. Joe Kiser, a Republican from Vale, for the N.C. House seat.
For more information or to get involved with ELPAC contact Browne at 704-489-2728 or by email at action@elbanc.org. by Amy Wadsworth

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