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Main street shooting case gets hearing

A Cherryville man charged with the attempted murder of his estranged wife and her daughter in downtown Lincolnton requested a lower bond in Superior Court on Monday.
Robert Jeter’s wife, Sherry Moncree, sat behind him in the courtroom as his lawyer asked that Jeter’s $125,000 bond be lowered to something more manageable.
“She’s here in support of him today along with his other family members,” said Thomas Shuford, Jeter’s lawyer.
Jeter and his wife have been married for six years. He faces two counts of attempted murder.
Jeter allegedly forced Moncree and her pregnant daughter, Shikira Moncree, out of their car by bumping his car into theirs and pointing his shotgun at them.
Both women then got out of the car and ran.
Jeter then fired his gun at his wife, but missed and hit a Cadillac, according to authorities.
Jeter’s lawyer told Judge W. Robert Bell that Jeter, a decorated Vietnam veteran, suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder.
The judge delayed the decision on whether or not to lower Jeter’s bond.
The following cases were also heard in Superior Court:
· Frankie Ingle pled guilty to felonious larceny. A charge of felonious possession of stolen goods was dismissed.
Ingle used a fork lift to steal a 400-pound dye beam from McMurray Fabrics where he worked. He must pay $4,000 in restitution.
Ingle, the father of six, stole the dye beam due to financial problems, said his lawyer, Deidre Nachamie.
“He was in a desperate state of mind,” said Nachamie.
Ingle received an eight to 10 month suspended sentence and 36 months of probation.
· Nathan Ahrens pled guilty to breaking and entering and larceny.
Ahrens, who was employed at Today’s Audio Visual in Denver, broke into the store and disabled the alarm system.
He then stole $7,900 worth of goods.
Wire cutters belonging to Ahrens matched the ones used on the alarm system in the store.
Ahrens received an eight to 10 month suspended sentence.
· William Jackson pled guilty to larceny from person.
As part of his plea arrangement, Jackson, who has 46 prior convictions, was not indicted as a habitual felon.
While at Aunt Bessie’s restaurant, Jackson’s accomplice distracted a cashier while Jackson grabbed $580.
After footage of the crime was aired on television, Jackson turned himself in.
He was sentenced to 16- to 20 months in prison.
· Ashley Self pled guilty to two counts of financial card theft.
As part of his plea arrangement, one count of breaking and entering a motor vehicle was dismissed.
Self drove up next to Joyce Roberts’ car in a Winn-Dixie parking lot in Boger City.
Self then stole a purse which contained $15 and two credit cards that Roberts had left on the front seat of her car while she returned a shopping cart.
Self was sentenced to six to eight month suspended sentence. by Sarah Grano

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