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Bridge troubles raise questions

Motorists who drive from Denver to Charlotte may be complaining about a bumpy ride.
The bridge, which crosses over the new N.C. 16 South, is open to travelers.
However, construction is still not complete.
Keith Hager, a resident of Lowesville, travels on the road quite frequently and finds the situation annoying.
He was unclear that the construction was not complete. He said no one seems to know what is going on with the road.
“It looks like they just stopped paving because it just drops off,” Hager said. “Why would they put a road in service if it is not completed?”
Hager said he is sure there is a reason for the road conditions, but has yet to find out why.
“You just can’t put a road in service in that condition,” he said.
Eric Connor, assistant resident engineer with Gastonia Construction, said the paving should be complete in another few weeks.
“We had to re-open it due to time constraints and the traffic,” he said.
Connor said he has had many people ask about the drop-off.
“We want people to know that this is not the final product,” he said.
Coming north or south on the bridge there is a space 10 to 12 inches in width and four to six inches in depth where the asphalt doesn’t connect.
“It just drops off with no warning,” Hager said.
The reason for the drop is due to a paper joint, a roll of paper, which is put under the asphalt in order to make a smooth ledge for the next layer.
“By using the paper joint, it eliminates bumps for the next layer,” Connor said. by Amy Wadsworth

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