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Davis signs with Greensboro Pride

Long-snapping specialist Jeffery Davis has signed with the Greensboro College Pride.
Davis is 5’10” 210 pounds and was a lineman for the West Lincoln Rebels football team.
Davis’ duty for the head coach Neal Mitchell and the Pride will be handling the long-snapping for the punt team, extra points and field goal unit.
Rebels football head coach Butch Parker is thrilled to see Davis further his football career.
“He worked hard at his specialty of snapping. He was a utility lineman for us, but he wanted to continue with football,” he said.
Davis is looking forward to playing football on the next level and believes his work ethic placed him in that position.
“To me it’s a great opportunity coming from a small town, West Lincoln, you don’t get much of a chance to get out. Lucky for me, I’ve worked hard enough to where I could get out to play college football,” he said.
He chose the Pride not only based on football, but also for their strong academic reputation in Davis’ field.
“I’ve always wanted to be a teacher. I’ve been told they were one of the best teaching schools in the state, that was another reason why I wanted to go there.”
So why is a long-snapper so important? Davis believes that’s where everything starts on special teams.
“They are valuable, because that’s where the whole punt sequence starts with. If something messes up there, then it throws the whole sequence out of order. And special teams are a very important part of football,” he said.
Parker believes that playing for the Pride is a good fit for Davis.
“This way he can do that (further his career) in a very high and stringent academic program,” he said.
Davis believes if it were not for a good support group, he probably wouldn’t be in this blessed situation.
“God, for giving me supporting family and the will to work to get what I got and all the fans that have cheered for us and helped us out even through tough times,” he said.
Davis’ parents, Donita Davis and Delaine Davis, are very happy for their son.
“His mom and I are both extremely proud. I really look forward to being able to see him play in college,” Delaine said.
Donita and Delaine are also Co-Presidents of the West Lincoln Boosters Club.
Davis, his parents, Parker and West Lincoln Athletic Director Wayne Navey were present for the signing.

by John Mark Brooks

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