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Tallent reaches goals

Senior West Lincoln track athlete Lily Tallent accomplished a rare feat winning 2A State Titles in both the shot-put and discus.
Tallent’s discus throw was a 122-08, while her shot put was 37-01.75.
Tallent led her team to a victory over East Lincoln and Lincolnton, as well as a 14th place in the state. Head coach David Avery speaks proudly of Tallent’s accomplishments.
“She’s undefeated in both events all year. She had a little competition in the shot, but not enough to where she felt like she needed to be worried,” he said.
Avery points to the fact that in 43 years West Lincoln has only had two state champions in track.
“Our school was built in 1961, and up until this time we’ve had only two state champions. Being a state champ in two different events in the same season it speaks even louder,” he said.
Tallent’s stellar season was one that saw her set all-time school records and Midwest 2A Conference records in both events. She even set the Regional record in the discus throw.
Lily believes it was a matter of goal-setting and hard work that helped her reach such a pinnacle in her sport.
“I was ecstatic. I set some goals when I was in ninth grade that by the time I was a senior I wanted to win the state and I’ve finally fulfilled them,” she said.
Avery echoes that belief.
“She did it through hard work and dedication. She works very hard, practices day-in-and-day-out at practice and at home. She practices at home every evening (the shot),” he said.
Avery and Tallent both believe that not becoming a state champion drove her to new heights or in this case new distances.
“She came up a little short as a junior last year and I believe she felt like it was a lack of preparation. She worked harder, prepared more and was just driven to win,” Avery said.
“Last year I had been undefeated in 10th grade and 11th grade, I got beat one time in the shot put in one meet. I knew I didn’t want to get beat my senior year,” Tallent said.
So has the easy-going senior, who dons a sparkling smile, grasped what she has done and the magnitude of her achievements?
“I don’t think it’s really sunk in yet. My family has been real supportive, made big banners, the community has made signs, but I don’t think it’s really sunk in yet,” Tallent said.
Who does she feel has pushed her along the way and who does she wish to thank?
“I would say God and most definitely my family and coach Avery. The track team at West Lincoln because they’ve pushed me and encouraged me to do my best.”by John Mark Brooks

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