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Donation funds new fire and rescue boats

Two new boats launched their way onto Lake Norman Thursday morning for the Denver Fire Department and East Lincoln Rescue Squad.
Both boats will be used on the western shore of Lake Norman.
The Denver Fire Department has acquired a utility boat, and East Lincoln Rescue Squad has a new rescue boat.
Jeff VonCannon, president of the Fire and Rescue Association, said the Denver Fire Department has been talking for two years about getting a boat.
“This is a big thing for us,” he said. “It is our first boat.”
Before, the fire department was using boats from other sources. The utility boat costs the fire department $16,000.
Matt Brown, chief at the East Lincoln Rescue Squad, will be replacing the 1978 boat, which they used previously.
“This new boat is more user-friendly,” Brown said. “The other boat was rough to ride in, but this boat is built to ride on rough water.”
The funding for the rescue boat came from their savings and also a donation from R-Anell Homes in Denver, who contributed $5,000.
“They gave us a grateful donation,” Brown said.
Dennis Jones, president of R-Anell, gave the donation to them last month.
“The community is a better place because they do the job they do and all of us that live or work here are better off for having them,” he said.
Lincoln County is one of four counties that operates emergency vessels on the lake and responds to roughly 40 miles of shoreline and coves.
With the purchase of these new boats, some tasks will now be performed more efficiently. These include water medical emergencies, drowning recovery operations, fuel spill containment to protect the municipal water intakes, water supply for on-land fire scenes and the increase in fire occurrences on the water.

by Amy Wadsworth

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