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West Lincoln holds sports ceremony

Jeron Mosteller and Lily Tallent walked away with the top awards at Sunday`s West Lincoln High School sports banquet.
Mosteller, a standout in football and track, and Tallent, a three-sport participant in basketball, volleyball and track, were named 2003-2004 athletes of the year in a ceremony at the James W. Warren Citizens Center.
In addition to his athlete of the year award, Mosteller was named winner of the Darrel Ledford Memorial Award in men`s track. Tallent also scored with MVP awards in women`s basketball and track (field events).
Awards were presented in varsity and jayvee sports for the entire sports year. Here is the rundown:

Fall sports
Women`s tennis: MVP, Carrie Freeman; coach`s award, Brittany Godfrey; most improved, Leanna Young.
Soccer: MVP, Brandan Jones; most improved, Chris Nance; coach`s award, Daniel Scronce.
Football cheerleading: varsity MVP, Joey Price; team before self, Heather Peterson and Katie Martin; most improved, Kyndell Hood; jayvee MVP, McKenzie Burcham and Mandy Leatherman.
Volleyball: MVP, Brittany Watts; most improved, Heather Lanier; team before self, Charlye Godrey; jayvee MVP, Jessie Watts and Holly Hoover.
Football: Outstanding offense, Will Tallent; outstanding defense, Daniel Soto; team before self, Brent Gates; most improved, Paul Chambers; coach`s award, Gene Arp; MVP, Joey Briggs; jayvee MVP, Chase Harbinson.
Men`s cross-country: MVP, John Harkey; coach`s award, Matt Richardson; most improved, James Duckworth.
Women`s cross-country: MVP, Brittany Beeker; coach`s award, Jamie Carpenter; most improved, Lacey George.

Winter sports
Women`s basketball: MVP, Lily Tallent; best defense, Sheena Simpson; coach`s award, Brittany Watts; jayvee MVP, Jessie Watts.
Men`s basketball: Best defense, Ty Curtis; best offense, Ryan Huffman; coach`s award, Matt Edwards; jayvee MVP, David Payseur.
Wrestling: MVP, Antonio Rojo; most improved, Daniel Soto; team before self, Will Bess; most wins, Antonio Rojo (43 in 2003-04)); jayvee MVP, Matt Whittle; ninth grade state champion, Ryan Rhodes.
Basketball cheerleading: MVP, Andrea Dillon; team before self, Cristen Crouse; most improved, Sarah Peeler; jayvee MVP, Emily Moore.

Spring sports
Men`s tennis: MVP, Matt Limone; most improved, Noah Lopez; coach`s award, Josh Sain.
Softball: MVP, Charlye Godfrey; team before self, Amisti Cooper; most improved, Candi Taylor; jayvee MVP, Jessie Watts.
Golf: MVP, David Cline; most improved, Clayton Mullis.
Baseball: Best offense, Dylan Anthony; best defense, Brandan Jones; best pitcher, Zack Koehler; jayvee MVP, Jonathon Wise.
Women`s track: MVPs, Brittany Beeker (track) and Lily Tallent (field); team before self, Joey Price; coach`s award, Brittany Watts.
Men`s track: Darrell Ledford Memorial Award (MVP), Jeron Mosteller; Doyle Beam Award (most improved), Bobby Sain; team before self, Ben Poole.

Other awards
Weightlifting: most outstanding, Spencer Sutton.
Kemp Wehunt Memorial Award: Bradley Goins.
Ron Hoyle Memorial Award: Brent Gates.
Twelve-sport awards: Bradley Goins, Lily Tallent, Brent Gates, Brittany Watts, Joey Price.
Sports boosters coach of the year: Chad Wright, men`s basketball.
In a change this year, the banquet was moved off campus for the first time, and no meal was served.by Mike Powell

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