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School Board takes prudent course

The Lincoln County School Board took the action it determined was needed to carry out its duties when it voted to remove Fred Jarrett from the chairman’s post and replace him with vice chair Jean Dellinger. The vote was taken at a special called meeting Saturday. Jarrett, who has experienced problems with drugs and required hospitalization, had missed seven meetings and had little communication with the board. During his absence, School Board members had reason to be concerned about leadership, especially at a time when critical issues were before the board.
Board member Tommy Houser rightly expressed the opinion that the board chairman needs to be a leader, and that leadership was missing during the past several weeks.
But it’s not time to write Jarrett off as a working participant in issues before the board. He has resumed his attendance at school board functions. He was present during the bond vote count last week and appeared at a luncheon honoring school volunteers on Thursday. He was present for the Saturday special meeting.
Another board member, Tony Jenkins expressed confidence in Jarrett and sought to keep him as chairman, saying nothing has surfaced to suggest he can’t continue his job. Jenkins may be right, but for now, the board has taken a prudent course.
Jarrett will continue to serve on the board and, hopefully, be a contributing member. We wish him well. by Albert Dozier

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