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Jarrett loses School Board chairmanship

The Lincoln County Board of Education voted to replace Fred Jarrett as chairman of the board at a special called meeting Saturday morning.
“I think the board chairman needs to be a leader among leaders, and that hasn’t happened in the past months,” said Tommy Houser, a board member and former chairman.
Jarrett had missed seven meetings after EMS workers found him at his home on Feb. 28, lethargic from medications. Police had seized two guns for safekeeping.
Houser and fellow board member Joan Avery called the special board meeting.
“We do have a monthly meeting Wednesday,” said Jean Dellinger, the new chairman of the board of education.
“It would just be better to get this behind us because Mr. Jarrett was ready to come back to the board,” she said.
Tony Jenkins, a board member, nominated Jarrett for both chairman and vice chairman Saturday morning.
“Why did we change chair? Who’s questioning the ability of Mr. Jarrett?” Jenkins asked during the meeting.
“What is the reason we’re having a chairperson election? There’s no answers. Again, there’s no answers.”
Jarrett will continue to serve as a member of the Board of Education.
The board voted Rusty Beam for vice chairman.
“I didn’t really expect to be vice chairman or anything like that because I’m still the youngest on the board,” said Beam. “I’m pleased to be in the position I’m in.”
Dellinger, the new chairman of the board, has already served a total of 12 years as chairman of the Lincoln County Board of Education and 25 years as a member.
Dellinger supported the reorganization of the board.
“Sitting in the chair can be stressful sometimes,” said Dellinger. “I would not want the progress (Jarrett) has made to take a back step because he was serving as chair.”
After being sworn in as chairman, Dellinger asked that the board continue to work together as a group and that all board members support her in her new position.
“I regret very deeply that I have been elected under these circumstances,” said Dellinger.
Superintendent Jim Watson took a neutral approach to the changes.“They’re my superiors, so I’m certainly not going to evaluate board members,” Watson said. “It’s the board’s prerogative and authority to elect their leaders, and I serve with whomever the majority of the board elects.”by Sarah Grano

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