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Man shot at apartments

A Lincolnton man was shot twice Thursday night through the window of his apartment on South Aspen Street.
Alvin Jack Johnson, 24, who lives in apartment 19 of the Colony House apartments is at Lincoln Medical Center for observation, police said. His injuries were not life-threatening.
At about 9 p.m. a man walked into the magistrate’s office at the courthouse and said there had been a shooting at the Colony House apartments, Lincolnton Police Detective Kameron Keener said.
Officer Ted Parrish responded to the apartments and found shell casings and bullet holes in the window of apartment 19, which is on the top floor of the two-story complex.
A short time later, police received a call from Lincoln Medical Center reporting that a man had come in with two gunshot wounds, Keener said.
Officer Dennis Harris determined the man was Johnson, the resident of apartment 19.
While processing the scene, Keener found five to six bullet holes in the den window.
He then talked to Johnson at the hospital, who told him he was sitting on his couch watching television when he heard people arguing outside. After hearing a gunshot, he got up to see what was going on.
“As he got up, he said that he was shot through the window and struck in the leg,” Keener said. “As he ducked down, another shot was fired through the window, and he was struck in the back.”
Johnson told police that he took off his shirt and ran to the bathroom to see if he had been shot in the back.
He then looked out the front door and saw a bald Hispanic man get into a black SUV, which took off north on south Aspen Street, Keener said.
Johnson next told police that he started running to the hospital. At the corner of East Rhodes and Poplar streets, a man in a blue and white pick-up truck stopped, and Johnson asked him for a ride. The man took him to the hospital.
However, during Keener’s investigation, he found out Johnson drove a Nissan Altima. He checked the parking lot of LMC and found an Altima with blood stains in the driver’s seat. Johnson then admitted he had driven himself to the hospital, Keener said.
Police are still investigating the incident and currently have no suspects other than the description given to them by Johnson, Keener said.Anyone with information about this crime should call police at 704-736-8900. All information will be kept confidential. by Alice Smith

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